Lana's Mission is to experience and offer life-long music making through quality performance and teaching, while extending a genuine love and appreciation of music to the world.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is the most challenging and rewarding opportunity to give back.    It is especially rewarding to see a student expand upon that which I helped him discover. 

I provide tools for discovery, nurture confidence needed to use the tools, and inspire each student to have the courage to express himself.  I am sensitive to the student’s ability level as well as his strengths and weaknesses.  I identify elements that cause distress and address each one separately.  give honest and specific praise, am aware of academic demands, understand time restraints, provide time management techniques, teach p ractice skills and emphasize quality performance.

As a teacher and mentor, I guide my students toward their goals, enable students to enjoy their own music-making, nurture confidence, and encourage creativity.


I regard learning as the process of internalizing actions, ideas and concepts in a way that can be recreated intentionally.  I approach the learning process with a four-stage design: 1) presentation, 2) experimentation, 3) discovery, and 4) reinforcement. I determine how to introduce concepts in ways that best suit the student’s learning styles, assess his comprehension of the concept, and give immediate feedback.  I adjust my approach according to his assertiveness, organizational skills, energy level, and sense of humor to create a comfortable learning environment for him to prosper.

I create a non-threatening, but structured environment that supports discovery and performance.  I teach 1) warm ups inspired by the awareness of muscle movement, posture, balance and breathing found in Yoga practice, 2) scales as a foundation for tone production and intonation, and 3) technical studies that correspond to standard repertoire.  My students apply technique to repertoire in expressive ways based on Karen Tuttle’s coordination method.

Student-Centered Goal

My goal is to foster independent musicianship physically, psychologically, intellectually and expressively in each student.   I approach technique from the perspective of physical ease through awareness in order to empower students with the confidence necessary to thrive as expressive and creative performers.

I look forward to continued growth as teacher and mentor for my students.  I accept the incredible challenge to train them to be technically proficient, encourage them to believe in their abilities, foster individualism, guide them towards artistry and facilitate successful completion of their goals.