The Studio Mission is to nurture independent musicianship. To do so, I train students to be technically proficient, encourage them to believe in their abilities, foster individualism, guide them towards artistry and facilitate successful completion of their goals. 


New Beginning viola students accepted after interview/introductory lesson

Viola Transfer Requirements*

General Technique

  • Balanced and relaxed posture

  • Effective bow hold

  • Clear tone

  • Use of all four fingers and all four strings

  • Bowings: legato, détaché, staccato, and martelé

  • Good sense of pitch

  • Smooth shifting motion

  • Basic vibrato motion

Scales and Arpeggios

  • One-octave Major: A, G, F, Bb, Ab and Db

  • Two-octave Major: C, D, and Eb

  • One-octave Melodic Minor: C, G, D and A

*Any student not yet at this level may begin lessons to reach these goals.

Student progress will be evaluated at the end of the semester.