The Studio Mission is to nurture independent musicianship. To do so, I train students to be technically proficient, encourage them to believe in their abilities, foster individualism, guide them towards artistry and facilitate successful completion of their goals. 



My students and their families are committed to consistent musical development.  Students must study throughout each semester including the summer to remain in my studio.  Lessons are available weekly, excluding major holidays and semester breaks, with the option for extra lessons as needed.  The summer semester must contain minimum 6 lessons and maximum 2 lessons per week.  Lessons during summer music camps can also fulfill this requirement.  


My students grow as musicians throughout each semester.  Goal-Setting alongside consistent practice ensures continued growth. I assist every student as they develop the patience, tenacity and love for learning necessary to be successful as amateur or professional musicians.


My students are dedicated to quality at every level in their development.  From the beginning stages of their technique I foster high standards for technical facility, overall musicianship and musical integrity in each lesson and performance.


My students establish meaningful peer relationships with other musicians in the studio.  Through this community of young musicians I teach my students to make thoughtful observations of musical performance, articulate musical ideas to peers, encourage one another and engage in healthy competition.